About Us

As the founders of Tenavox, we’ve learned a few things about making leasing commercial real estate easier. We were amazed at how many people in a transaction, tenant, broker, landlord, all mentioned deposits and financial worthiness as massive friction points in a deal. We saw how cash deposits felt wasteful, losing money against inflation! We heard about how letters of credit required onerous provisions that essentially locked a businesses cash up anyway…so we built a better solution. The Otso Guarantee.

We formed Otso to solve a real problem with the way commercial leasing assesses credit, mitigates risk and ultimately stockpiles capital in “dead” accounts that loses money for everyone.  Our program is built to provide Tenants with the flexibility to access and leverage their capital on day one of their lease, for anything…from a nicer space to more equipment and hiring.

For Landlords, it made little to no sense to use critical cash for a business to mitigate risk years down the road…and to be frank, it doesn’t do much to mitigate that risk anyway. Our program issues “same as cash” guarantees for our approved tenants that give Landlords comfort while providing their Tenants with a greater lease experience, right from the start.

Our Guarantees are Backed by AA-Rated Strength from Euler Hermes

Our Credit Partner has over 136 Years of History with Billions in Paid Claims

What does "Otso" stand for? Otso is Finnish for a legendary bear. We love bears!

Our application process is fast, modern and provides an immediate decision to applicants. You will need a DUNS number to apply, you can get one for free here

If you’re a Landlord and are interested in joining the Otso program you can learn more here.

Otso works on all computers and phones, track your guarantee and lease documents anywhere.

Have questions on our program? Learn more today.