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Otso helps me get deals done. My clients get to put more money into the things that matter, like improving their spaces, hiring, equipment or anything else they desire…

-Tenant Representative

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Freedom and Security

Whether you represent Tenants or Landlords, Otso can help you provide value to your clients. Negotiate your next lease for your clients without the friction of financials…and when they’re approved you can save them up to $50,000 in cash they would normally have deposited. Skip the Letter’s of Credit too.

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Up to $50,000

Custom Guarantees

We Help you Close More Deals

Otso Guarantees are just better. More cash for businesses to operate their business and offloaded risk for Landlords with stronger credit. It’s a win-win. We don’t just help new deals though, see how we can improve existing leases as well.

Increased Coverage

Stronger Credit

Simplified Process

Are businesses looking for space to lease?
Traditional Security Deposits Fail Us
  1. The majority of Landlords lack an effective way to properly assess a businesses ability to perform in a lease.
  2. Asking for projections, unaudited financials and sources/uses spreadsheets usually doesn’t help the cause and is a pain on the prospective tenant.
  3. Due to this lack of comfort, Landlords often ask for “more” than they need for security deposits. Cash, LOC’s or other guarantee forms become onerous on the Tenant.
  4. Brokers get stuck negotiating something that they really shouldn’t be responsible for, financial worthiness.

The industry deserves a better solution. More importantly, you and your clients deserve a better solution.

A Real Game-Changer

Leasing without the need to put valuable capital in a locked-up deposit is a huge incentive for businesses. That’s cash the tenant can put to work so it can go towards TI, operations or whatever they need it for. In today’s environment this is more important than ever.

Let’s Get your Deal Done, Today

Here’s how it works:

If they don’t know about us, share this link! It’s a great place for them to learn about the program. You can also chat with us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

If this is something you want to have your client leverage in your next deal we need to get the Landlord on board. This is usually as simple as an introduction, you can make one to the relevant parties by using the “Introduce Us” button from the link below.

Once on-boarded the Landlord can send your client a secure link to apply, this takes less than five minutes and approvals usually happen that same day.

Go get your deal done, without financial friction and happier clients.