Tenant Tracker

This owner had 322 tenants tracked across 25 properties and 3+ funds. Over 10% of tenants had different tenant names than the original lease entity, TT identified and validated the information. Drops in credit score, liens, hidden filings and even news that is impactful were all reported (and continue to be) to give this Landlord a competitive advantage in asset management with investors, leasing and more.

Tenant Tracker is the first continuous monitoring software for commercial real estate ownership, lenders and asset managers. Tenant tracker allows true insight into the financial health of your properties with tenant-by-tenant specific analysis, trends and comprehensive tracking of credit, DBT, pandemic risk analysis, derogatory events and more.

Don’t spend another second on zipcode, industry or general analysis to try and figure out how your portfolio will perform. Get the best information in a highly customized analysis. You’ll also be able to tap into our recommendations with actionable insight on reducing risk, improving asset health and making sure you are driving the maximum value for investors.

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Tangible Results

Instant System Alert

Property owner alerted to cautionary UCC Filings.

Protected Assets

Deep Dive technology found hidden liens on assets owned by parent company.

Exclusive Insights

Scoring and Predictive Insights allowed for improved asset management strategies.

At a Glance

Product Highlights

  • Tenant-Level break down of risk level by month and trend indicator
  • Exclusive predictive insights for default risks.
  • Breakdown of underlying factors determining the risk level at that particular month
  • Customized dashboard with reporting on a monthly basis.
  • Recommendations on securitization, collateral levels and more…