Guardian Alerts Make an Immediate Impact Saving LL Millions

Tenant Industry:

Class A Property Owner has previously leased a large space to a Biotech company who was in the process of final FDA approval of its only drug.

Otso Guardian flagged delisting of American Depository Shares.

Tangible Results

Owner Requested Guardian Coverage

Guardian started flagging FDA approval issues, closure of 3 offices locations and 50% staff reduction through the news.

Alerts Make an Impact

Guardian flagged delisting of American Depository Shares.

Viability: Entity Restructuring

Viability Assessment indicated an increase in security requirement in a form of a Letter of Credit that supersedes any bankruptcy filing.

Parent company filed for restructuring in foreign courts, equivalent to Chapter 11 filing after owner got their increased security.

At a Glance

Guardian showed increasing risk and allowed the Landlord to make actionable and concrete decisions to interdict a potential default of the lease, far in advance of other Landlord’s and Creditors.