Otso Increases Asset Values: Massively

Otso was engaged to help drive leasing strategies and reduce risk on a building in Houston, TX. After underwriting 20+ applicants and helping to secure 17 new leases and renewals the Landlord has more rent, better credit and increased cash coverages against default risks.

Tangible Results

300% More Cash Coverage

Our underwriting helped Landlord eliminate two (2) unsuitable tenants from their potential space and secure leases with better credit. Asset-wide Otso increased cash coverages against default by over $250,000.

Occupancy Increased by 67%

Otso bonds enhance leasing experiences for Tenants and drive increased deal flow. 18 out of 20 applicants chose Otso when offered.

Claim Paid: Fast

Claim for $20,000 related to a Monetary Default was processed and paid within thirty (30) days of default. Landlord quickly re-tenanted the space and used the funds to enhance their next lease with a better credit occupier.

At a Glance

Real Results. Higher Occupancy and Less Risk.

Office Building: Houston, TX

  • 2.5 Year Time Period
  • 20+ Applications with 89% Approval Rate
  • Took Occupancy from 60% to 100% Leased
  • Increased Lease Security from $50,000 to $300,00+
  • One paid claim w/ space released in 30 days.