How Otso helped Workhub attract tenants to their retail, office, andflex properties.

Tangible Results

Closing Faster

Otso completed underwriting of seven (7) applicants the very same day they applied. This led to faster negotiations.

Happy Tenants

Otso has saved businesses over $50,000 on out of pocket costs compared to typical lease security in the market.

Asset Value Increased

Otso added value to Workhub’s assets by showing more rent and more equivalent value than a traditional lease deposit.

About Workhub

Workhub is a forward thinking company that develops flexible commercial spaces for any industry. Their team prides themselves on helping entrepreneurs succeed with their build-to-suit flex model to suit the company’s needs. They were seeking innovative products to not only attract tenants, but help set them up for success.

Workhub was one of Otso’s earliest adopters and have since executed more deals than their local competition.

At a Glance

Buildings Offering Otso

  • 331 Corporate Woods (Multi-building flex park)
  • 9511 FM 1488 (20,260 SF Retail)
  • Barker Village Square (Retail+ office development)


  • Executed 4 leases with Otso in a six month period
  • 90% approval rate
  • Outperformed the market vs competition with 200% more leasing activity.