Otso Forms Advisory Board of Heavy Hitters in CRE

One of our goals this year was to develop an advisory board for Otso that consisted of industry powerhouses both on the transactional, technology, and investment sides of the business.  It was important that we not only had these diverse perspectives but also diverse physical makeup.  After months of getting to know each individual on […]

A Milestone Day in An Exciting Journey so Far…

Our journey at Otso has been a whirlwind. As owners and investors of several commercial properties across Texas, we were flabbergasted at the status quo we had as Landlords when it came to properly assessing the creditworthiness of potential tenants. It’s just plain hard to know whether the business you are looking at for a lease […]

Helping Businesses and Strategizing as a CRE Stakeholder in the Time of Covid-19.


We mentioned this in a post last week, but our internal view (humbly) is that we will see a short term negative impact from Covid-19 (especially to the most at-risk industries like travel) but should see a mid-term bounce (hopefully) and long-term positive effects due to less reliance on China and supply-chain concerns this whole […]

Restaurant Saves $40,000 in Working Capital by Leveraging Otso Guarantees

Dominic Miller was opening up his third location for his successful restaurant, “Jacoby’s.” He found a location he liked through his tenant representative, Joe Walsh, and began negotiations. As usual, he received a proposal and groaned not only at the rent (that was Joe’s issue to handle), but also at the thought of putting up […]

Otso is Coming Soon!

Visit us in Q1 2020…if you’re a Landlord in Texas and interested in joining our pilot program please contact us.