It’s Good to Be Back: The Return of the Human Element and CRE

We’ve been on a massive roadshow for the past 12 weeks and it feels like we’ve seen a lot of you! We thought we would take some time to reflect on what it means to be back in person after an entirely virtual 2020. It was a whirlwind tour, but we were excited to see […]

Otso Forms Advisory Board of Heavy Hitters in CRE

One of our goals this year was to develop an advisory board for Otso that consisted of industry powerhouses both on the transactional, technology, and investment sides of the business.  It was important that we not only had these diverse perspectives but also diverse physical makeup.  After months of getting to know each individual on […]

A Milestone Day in An Exciting Journey so Far…

Our journey at Otso has been a whirlwind. As owners and investors of several commercial properties across Texas, we were flabbergasted at the status quo we had as Landlords when it came to properly assessing the creditworthiness of potential tenants. It’s just plain hard to know whether the business you are looking at for a lease […]

Facilitating Leases: Otso Case Study-Austin, TX


Many people we connect with are very interested to see us break down a “real deal” so we’re very excited to showcase how Otso benefited all of the stakeholders in a recent commercial lease transaction in Austin, TX. This lease highlights how leveraging deposit-free leasing results in positive outcomes for all of the stakeholders involved, […]

The Ultimate Strategy Guide to Subleases and Relief in Commercial Real Estate

relief in commercial leases

“I don’t need my lease anymore, what do I do?” We hear this more and more from  businesses affected by the current environment. Generally, there are three (3) main “doors” to seeking relief from an existing lease obligation: Sublease and Assignment Termination/Negotiation Legal Routes  Depending on your situation, one or all of these strategies may […]

How to Leverage Otso

Since we’re getting these questions a lot (which is great!) from prospective landlords, brokers and tenants alike we thought it would be helpful to break down how each group is leveraging the Otso Guarantee program most successfully. As a refresher, here is what we do 🙂 What is Otso?Otso writes corporate guarantees on behalf of […]

Announcing Otso Pre-Approvals


Uncertainty in the CRE industry (and the economy at large) has never been higher. As businesses struggle to understand the health and economic implications on their physical space needs, Landlords and their leasing management teams are grappling with a challenging environment and how best to serve their clients. We speak with many of these stakeholders […]

The Status Quo on Commercial Lease Deposits and Why it’s Wrong.

Launching two companies in the commercial real estate space has given us a unique perspective on the way industry stakeholders view change and technology. Although our experiences are anecdotal, after literally thousands of conversations with brokers, owners, property managers, tenants and financiers we thought it might be helpful to highlight how the industry is adopting […]



OTSO PROVIDES FINANCIAL RELIEF TO TEXAS BUSINESSES DURING COVID-19 CRISIS AUSTIN – April 6, 2020 – Otso, a new venture launched last week, aims to replace the need for cash security deposits in commercial leases. With the ongoing crisis and economic hardships caused by COVID-19, Otso serves as a relief for businesses to receive critical […]

Managing Default Risk in a Crisis


There is not a question of whether the CV virus and our government’s subsequent reaction has caused a negative effect on our economy. We can point the fingers later but right now we’re likely going to see trillions in stimulus get pumped into the economy, including bailouts for certain industries. The question for CRE stakeholders […]