Announcing Otso Pre-Approvals


Uncertainty in the CRE industry (and the economy at large) has never been higher. As businesses struggle to understand the health and economic implications on their physical space needs, Landlords and their leasing management teams are grappling with a challenging environment and how best to serve their clients. We speak with many of these stakeholders […]

The Status Quo on Commercial Lease Deposits and Why it’s Wrong.

Launching two companies in the commercial real estate space has given us a unique perspective on the way industry stakeholders view change and technology. Although our experiences are anecdotal, after literally thousands of conversations with brokers, owners, property managers, tenants and financiers we thought it might be helpful to highlight how the industry is adopting […]

Are Businesses Still Searching for Space?

Are businesses looking for space to lease?

Are Business actively looking for space to lease? Here’s what search behavior is telling us. We’ve covered the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, economic effects and subsequent reduction in leasing volumes, extensively here at Otso. Since many of our customers (or front-lines to our customers) are leasing agents we wanted to find out how, why […]

Will Office Space Change Forever?

Will Office Space Really Change That Much? The prognostications on the re-imagining and even death of the office as we know it are a popular, dare we say it, “trending” topic these days. The concept of working from home coupled with social distancing has pushed a bevy of opinions on the way businesses will occupy […]

The State of Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Covid-19

Given the uncertainty in the CRE industry right now, we thought it would be useful to aggregate information, predictions and real-time data on the crisis for our audience. We broke down the data into six (6) sections, here is some summary/insight on the data from our end to help you digest the infographic as well […]

How Much Should My Security Deposit Be in a Commercial Lease? Zero.

In this post we’ll cover the status quo of security deposits in commercial leasing…and why the perfect time for change is now. We’ve written a ton of material on the crisis and its impact on the average small business in the United States. As we start to think about re-opening our economy and getting back […]

3 Ways CRE Teams Can Help Businesses and Property Owners


Commercial Real Estate is a Team Sport…We Need to Work Together to Win. We’ve been strong advocates for the professional community of brokers, attorneys and managers since starting Tenavox and now, subsequently Otso. One of our founders spent over a decade as a tenant rep and investment broker in Houston, so much of our thinking […]

SBA, PPP, Covid-19 and the Rent’s are Due…the Current State of CRE.

Are businesses looking for space to lease?

I’m sure you have all had the question this week either for yourselves or from businesses you work with… “What is going to happen?” It’s no secret that this crisis has deeply impacted many businesses and their ability to operate in the current environment.  Predictions stem from the dire to the optimistic, but the harsh […]

Handling your Commercial Lease Obligations, Right Now


What your business can do about it’s commercial lease, right now. We’ve covered an enormous amount of ground on the health, economics and realities that are now starting to set in as roughly 50% of Americans shelter in place at home due to Covid-19.  With a lot of uncertainty for the foreseeable future, we’re focused […]

Managing Default Risk in a Crisis


There is not a question of whether the CV virus and our government’s subsequent reaction has caused a negative effect on our economy. We can point the fingers later but right now we’re likely going to see trillions in stimulus get pumped into the economy, including bailouts for certain industries. The question for CRE stakeholders […]