Handling your Commercial Lease Obligations, Right Now


What your business can do about it’s commercial lease, right now. We’ve covered an enormous amount of ground on the health, economics and realities that are now starting to set in as roughly 50% of Americans shelter in place at home due to Covid-19.  With a lot of uncertainty for the foreseeable future, we’re focused […]

Managing Default Risk in a Crisis


There is not a question of whether the CV virus and our government’s subsequent reaction has caused a negative effect on our economy. We can point the fingers later but right now we’re likely going to see trillions in stimulus get pumped into the economy, including bailouts for certain industries. The question for CRE stakeholders […]

Helping Businesses and Strategizing as a CRE Stakeholder in the Time of Covid-19.


We mentioned this in a post last week, but our internal view (humbly) is that we will see a short term negative impact from Covid-19 (especially to the most at-risk industries like travel) but should see a mid-term bounce (hopefully) and long-term positive effects due to less reliance on China and supply-chain concerns this whole […]

R-E-L-A-X Commercial Real Estate Stakeholders…It’s going to be just fine.

Commercial real estate is one of the top investment classes across the globe. Here in the US, we’ve seen equal opportunity to both feel optimistic and pessimistic about the CRE markets chances of success in the next 12-18 months. But days like today can feel crazy. I’d encourage us all to take a deep breath […]

What We Learned by Listening to Commercial Property Owners

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One of our favorite things to do here at Otso is to meet with stakeholders in the commercial real estate industry. We do it religiously, multiple times per month (often per week) to ensure what we’re building, modeling or offering aligns with how the industry operates (or would like to.) It’s amazing what people will […]

How Businesses (and Landlords) are More Successful with Otso Guarantees

We’ve written a lot on why Otso Guarantees make sense for Landlords, you can find a ton of resources on replacing cash deposits makes sense for the ownership, management and leasing of a property. However, today we wanted to spend some time outlining the power of capital when it’s put to work by a business […]

How Otso Helps Brokers Close More Deals


How Commercial Real Estate Brokers Can Leverage Otso in their Business Whether you’re representing tenants in their space needs or Landlords to drive new leases and retention Otso can supercharge your deal-making.  Representing users and owners of commercial real estate isn’t easy. Beyond the efforts of prospecting and qualifying (a post for a different day) […]

Restaurant Saves $40,000 in Working Capital by Leveraging Otso Guarantees

Dominic Miller was opening up his third location for his successful restaurant, “Jacoby’s.” He found a location he liked through his tenant representative, Joe Walsh, and began negotiations. As usual, he received a proposal and groaned not only at the rent (that was Joe’s issue to handle), but also at the thought of putting up […]