First Slide Use Otso to Drive More Value in Every Lease… Whether to drive new leases on vacant space or incentivizing early renewals while boosting tenant happiness...Otso Guarantees drive real results in any commercial real estate asset. Second Slide Up to $50,000 Approved in Minutes Your prospective and existing tenants will experience a seamless, friendly application process. Third Slide Your Decision on Every Deal You hold the decision on which tenants apply and which guarantees you decide to move forward with...every guarantee is customized. >

Otso just makes sense. We make cleaner financial decisions, our Tenants are happier from the get-go and we have increased our coverage against default by 300%

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The Future of Leasing

Any office, retail or industrial property can leverage Otso to enhance marketing, accelerate deal flow and make better credit decisions with less risk.  Oh, and did we mention you can capitalize more rental income?

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Marketing your assets as “Deposit-free” works…just ask the apartment world. We’re bringing that seamless experience to commercial real estate.

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Forget Traditional Security Deposits

We believe the system of collecting and requiring security deposits fail both Tenants and Landlords.  Landlords are historically not great at making assessments of potential tenants (especially small businesses or newer entities) which requires a good understanding of both personal and corporate factors. This leads to inefficient leasing or deals not getting done because the Landlords lack the information. 

Capitalize Your Assets

Cash security deposits sit dead until they’re used or returned. It’s wasteful against simple measures like inflation, let alone return of capital. Landlords can’t monetize deposits either! With Otso, deposits turn into rent, which you can use to bolster your assets value by hundreds of thousands of dollars on average.

Give your Tenants the Option

Otso allows Tenants the ability to put their cash to work, day one, on their business and Landlords to offload a portion of the decisioning and credit risk of a commercial lease.  Offering this seamless experience is a huge advantage.

With Otso, you get the final decision on every deal, the power is yours.

We Cover Every Instance of Default Your Lease Does

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