Give Essential Capital Back to your Tenant’s during COVID-19 Crisis

  • Otso can facilitate the re-allocation or return of cash security deposits by exchanging them for our industry-first AA-rated guarantee that still provides you with the collateral and coverage needed.

  • Given the current environment, cash left in a deposit is wasteful when businesses have obligations like payroll, rent, supplies, equipment and a host of other concerns due to this shutdown.

  • We strongly believe our program is incredibly relevant in any market and that cash is always best kept in the hands of the business, not in some deposit account.

Offering Otso is 100% Free and you always have the option, there is no obligation.

Join Otso Today

We can onboard, approve and facilitate the return of up to $50,000 in deposits in a matter of days. Get started and start re-allocating deposits as rents to help keep Tenants out of default.

How it Works for Landlords

A fast, secure and mutually beneficial process.

  • Landlord signs up and sends tenant link, they apply for the amount of their deposit on file.
  • Tenant gets approved, we issue guarantee.
  • Landlords signs amendment to allow for guarantee and specifically outlines that the use of the funds is to apply it to rent.

Get Up to $50,000 Approved Today

Are businesses looking for space to lease?

How Can a Landlord Leverage Otso Right Now?

  • We can facilitate the return of up to $50,000 to your Tenants, fast.
  • A $10,000 Security Deposit can be returned for as low as $50/month*
  • Get a free financial report (including banking history) with every application.
It’s a new way to keep businesses solvent, avoid defaults and “use that money” as a Landlord without having to put a business in default.