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Save up to $50,000 

Skip wasteful lease deposits and keep your cash for your business.

Eliminate the need for personal guarantees and close the gaps on your deal.

Get Approved for up to $50,000 in Lease Guarantees with Otso in just a few minutes, with a decision the very same day.

Leasing with Otso gives you the strength of AA-rated credit backing your success, before having to negotiate a single term in your Lease.

Keep Cash for Your Business


Apply in Minutes

Otso can get you approved for up to $50,000* the very same day. Our application takes less than five (5) minutes to complete and requires no personal credit information.  Need more than $50,000? We can handle that too, contact us.

Our guarantees are not a loan and no obligation is created by applying or approval.


Negotiate with AA-Rated Financial Backing

As you consider lease options you can present our pre-approval to Landlords.

When negotiating your terms, our nominal fees will be included in your monthly rent. Our fees are usually $5-10/month for every $1,000 we guarantee in lieu of any deposit. Learn more about our guarantees.


No Cash Required

With Landlord approval you’ll execute our guarantee as an exhibit to the lease you’re signing. There is no deposit required. We will write the Landlord a guarantee on your behalf for whatever amount your are approved for. If you end up needing more? We can handle that too, just contact us.


Leasing Made Better with Otso

Instead of locking cash up in a wasteful deposit or paying for a letter of credit to sequester your own money, just focus on building your business. Imagine hiring more, buying equipment, building out a better space…the options and choices are yours with Otso.

When your lease ends with good performance there is no obligation or payment due to us but we’re happy to guarantee your next lease too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our application takes less than five (5) minutes to complete and is 100% online. You will not be required to create any account or upload any documents to us or provide any personal credit information, we make our decisions strictly on the following.

  1. Business Credit Profile
  2. History/Years in Business with Good Standing
  3. Cash Management and Historical Cash on Hand

Our applications will require you to log in to your business bank account for a one-time view to assess things. At no time do we control or access your account, ever. We use military-grade security and encryption techniques and our application is powered by partners like AWS, DNBI, Euler Hermes and Plaid.

Our algorithms and decisions use your banking history to bolster our decision-making, it’s part of what allows us to be faster and better than the industry standard 🙂

Once you complete your application you will get a decision the very same-day in most cases. If we do require a bit more information on your business we will contact you using the information you provide.

You can learn more about us, our program and terms here.

You can also contact us with any questions you may have.

Most Landlords want to see the equivalent of at least three (3) months rent as a start when considering a prospective tenant. We recommend taking whatever your planned monthly budget is and multiplying it by three, then applying for that amount.

For example, if you’re looking for space that is $7,000 per month, we recommend applying for at least $21,000.  This gives the Landlord the comfort that you not only have our backing, but your financial report will show you have multiple months of rent on hand. This reduces friction in negotiations by showing a Landlord how qualified you are, right up front.

Otso is not a loan and does not sit on a business’s book as a liability. We do not pay any rent or fees to the Landlord on your behalf, rather, we guarantee your good performance (when approved) to the Landlord in lieu of traditional deposits like cash or letters of credit. The only time an obligation is created is when an event of default occurs.

Our guarantees serve both parties in a lease (Tenant and Landlord) more effectively than cash or letters of credit. With our program, businesses get to retain and invest valuable capital for their business instead of locking it up for years in a deposit or letter of credit. Landlords enjoy increased coverages against defaults along with the strength and comfort of AA-rated credit that covers everything in their lease. Otso is truly a better way to lease commercial properties.

While Otso is the provider of the policy, every guarantee we write is backed by our financial partner, Euler Hermes. Euler Hermes has over 135 years of operations and billions of dollars in paid claims for their trade insurance program. You can read more about Euler Hermes here.

We recommend the company seeking the guarantee has at least one (1) year of operations and at least the amount of the sought guarantee in cash at the time of application. An active DUNS number is also required, which is free and can be obtained directly from Dun and Bradstreet. You can learn more here.

You can visit this link for more expansion on our program. We are also happy to chat, just click the bottom right corner of your screen and someone on our team is happy to provide guidance.  If you prefer email or a phone call visit this page to schedule a time.

*Otso pre-approvals still require the agreement, joining and acceptance of all terms and conditions of both Landlords and Tenants. Any pre-approval is not a guarantee of acceptance or implementation by prospective Landlords. Otso makes no guarantees to this effect. No cash or monetary value directly from Otso to any applicant is implied or expressed with any pre-approval. Please see full terms and conditions for more information.