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Otso is the new standard for lease securitization helping landlords close more deals with confidence and strength.

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Landlords Love Us

We close the gaps on deals, both in knowledge and cash coverage for Landlords.

Remove Friction From Deals

That's right. 75%+ of tenants prefer Otso over a cash deposit.

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We make it easy for you. Enroll your properties and you can offer Otso in minutes!

Otso Is An Option

Every deal is your choice and you set the terms. We just help you reduce risk and collect more rent.

How much can Otso gain for Landlords?

  • Our customers are gaining an average of 300% with Otso than they would typically receive as collateral.
  • Each application is assessed individually, all online in minutes. Seamless, secure, and fast.
  • We cover every instance of default your lease does and it's included in the rent paid by the Tenant!

A Typical Deal

New Three-Year Lease

$10,000/Month Rent on a 3,000 S.F. Space

  • $10/PSF in Tenant Allowance
  • 4-6% Commission
  • $50,000 in Deal costs

Cash: ONLY $10,000

(that's a gap of +/- $40,000 in coverage)

A Deal with Otso Guarantee

New Three-Year Lease

$10,350/Month Rent on a 3,000 S.F. Space

  • $10/PSF in Tenant Allowance
  • 4-6% Commission
  • $50,000 in Deal costs

Otso: $50,000 in Coverage

(Fully covered with NO GAP)

Hear it from our Customers

We proved it, you will close more deals with Otso.

"We’re signing leases with additional base rent while reducing our risk."

- Austin, TX

"We can differentiate ourselves and attract tenants while those tenants are able to put the money that would otherwise be tied up back into their businesses."

-Atlanta, GA

"Otso allows tenants to have capital on hand and assures landlords that in the event of a catastrophe there will be enough security deposit on hand for all damages."

- Okalahoma City, OK

How It Works

You can offer Otso at no costs...onboarding and tenant applications are free!


Attract A Potential Tenant

Gain marketing and negotiation advantages by marketing and leasing your locations as "deposit-free."


Prospect Applies

Let them know how much to apply for and they can complete the process in under five minutes.


Assessment and Decision

Understand the true financial condition of a business with our exclusive cash reporting. Otso provides an industry-first financial assessment report of the tenant along with an approval decision in minutes.


Close the Deal

You get your deal done and we'll issue a guarantee for the amount that's good for the term of the lease, you're covered and your new tenant saves money up front. It's that easy.

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