Your Landlord Needs to Join Otso First

Your Landlord needs to be a part of the Otso program, don’t worry it costs them nothing to join. Once they’re approved, you can apply for your lease through our secure system and get a decision in minutes.

Apply in Minutes
Our applications are fast and easy…and all online.
Current or Prospective
We have solutions for both new and existing tenants to allow them to either keep their cash now or get their on-file deposit back.

Apply and Approval

Go through our application and enter the information needed, you’ll receive a same-day decision…often in minutes.

Once approved, we’ll immediately notify your Landlord and they have the option to use our Guarantee. When you’re both agreed on all terms it’s time to sign!

Already have a deposit with a Landlord? Learn how to get it back.

Sign your Documents

Sign your lease and the guarantee documents and you’re good-to-go. Keep your cash and put your capital to work!

Live Updates
When your Landlord signs your Guarantee you’ll be notified.
Grow your Business
Expanding? No problem, come back and we’ll work on a new guarantee with a larger amount.
Receive Offers
If you elect too, get access to our industry-best insurance and leasing programs.
Cancel any time
If you and your Landlord decide to amend your lease to use another deposit your obligations end, no questions asked.

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