How Otso Guarantees Work

Simple Applications. Fast Approvals. Paid via Rent to Your Landlord.

$5-10/monthper $1,000 Guaranteed*
Fast Applications
All Online
Paid via Monthly Rent
Negotiated in your Lease
Get Approved Today
Landlords and Owners
$0Paid via Rental Terms

Join today to offer your Tenants (and future Tenants) the most seamless experience in commercial real estate leasing.

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How Do I Apply?
Your Landlord needs to join first, invite them to join Osto anytime here.
What happens after I'm Approved?
Your Landlord will be notified and will quote you your rental rate inclusive of the Guarantee. If you decide to move forward with your lease you’ll sign the document along with your Lease, it’s that easy!
Why Do I Pay for the Guarantee?
Otso Guarantees are essentially an extension of credit to you. We put up a “same as cash” policy that protects the Landlord for the value of whatever your approved amount is, in lieu of you putting up the cash. In return you pay a small monthly fee in your rent. Otso is NOT a loan and creates no obligation or liabilities unless a default in your lease occurs.
What do Otso Guarantees Cover?
Otso covers every instance of default per your lease terms for approved Tenants. You can claim our Guarantee “same as cash” on any policy that has met all conditions of both our policy and your lease terms.
What is the Cost to the Tenant?
Every Tenant is quoted using a unique algorithm of credit, financial history and other factors based on their desired amount. A typical guarantee runs just $10/month for every $1,000 in Coverage.
What Happens if a Tenant Defaults?
If an approved Tenant defaults per the terms of your lease and it meets the terms of your policy, you’ll be reimbursed within thirty (30) days*

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