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Introducing Otso Guardian, the first automated solution for due diligence, monitoring and risk assessment for CRE Portfolio, Property and Individual Tenant Health.

The Otso Guardian Program

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Tenant Risk Scores

A continuous view of your portfolio tenant risk levels. We cover credit and non-credit tenants.

Real-Time Alerts.

Access alerts for financial/credit changes or derogatory filings to anticipate tenant issues before a negative event.


Securitization Analysis

Know your financial exposure across all leases due to tenant default and how to increase protection.

Customers Love Us

“Otso helped predict a major tenant’s bankruptcy BEFORE it happened. We were able to manage our asset and lease positions significantly ahead of other Landlords and Creditors."”

- Hiram Capital

Tenant Risk Scores:

Project Your Asset's Income Risk




Find out how healthy your assets are…

Get our team’s expert insights into your asset health and see the path to less risk and better credit tenancy.


Real-Time Alerts:

Know So You Can Prepare Before Everyone Else

See How We Mitigate Losses: Alert Case Study

Securitization Analysis:

Actionable Insights to Gain Protection

In this analysis, we calculate your potential financial losses for every lease by evaluating your unamortized T.I. costs, unamortized commissions, and number of vacancy months before you re-tenant the space.

In understanding your shortfalls and knowing your tenant risk levels we are able to make recommendations for either 1) gaining more protection by incentivizing early renewal or 2) planning re-tenancy due to high risk tenants showing potential default.

What is the Otso Bond? We offer the industry's first multi-year bond that may cover up to nine (9) months of rent in each deal. Our bond is leveraged as an alternative or supplement to traditional cash deposits or letters of credit.

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Access our presentation to view the deep-dive on how Otso Guardian really works and supports CRE owners, asset managers, lenders and investors.