Know every asset’s financial health, on-demand.

Introducing Otso Guardian, the first comprehensive platform for continuous monitoring for CRE Portfolio, Property and Individual Tenant Health.


The Otso Guardian Program powered by Megalytics

Risk Analysis. Anytime.

A real-time view of a tenant's business. Ensure your rent roll is validated and performing and properly securitized..

Actionable Information

Insights for entity status, liens, litigation, UCC, credit scoring, financials and more…

Predictive Intelligence

Leverage our exclusive data and anticipate tenant issues before a negative event.

Otso Guardian: Automated Risk Prediction for CRE Assets


Find out how healthy your assets are…

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Customers Love Us

“Otso helped predict a major tenant’s bankruptcy BEFORE it happened. We were able to manage our asset and lease positions significantly ahead of other Landlords and Creditors."”

- REIT Asset Manager

How It Works

Submit Rent Roll

Include tenant legal entity, addresses and square footage. We’ll turn around a comprehensive report in a few days at no charge, including our exclusive securitization analysis and recommendations. We’re happy to sign an NDA.

Receive Report and Access your Portal

We will provide you with a property rent roll and/or score where you view tenant details along with a custom portal to deep-dive on any tenant, property or portfolio analytics in real-time. Every report provides actionable insights so you and your team can make real-world decisions to maximize property and investor value.

Continuous Risk Alerts

Automatically monitor any changes in tenant and property score over time through our custom dashboard. No time? No worries, we’ll email you what you need to know like critical score changes in tenant, asset or portfolio health.

Immediate Value. Long-Term Results.

Start leveraging the power of the Otso Guardian program today. We’ll prove how valuable our insights and predictive intelligence can be for your assets with no obligation and no costs to get started.

Starter Plan

Get started for free, when you’re ready to upgrade we have plans to fit your needs.

  • 1-5 Properties
  • Immediate report for one property
  • Up to 20 Tenants Monitored
  • Rent Analyzer and Tenant Scoring
  • Annual Plan
  • One-time setup fee for assets.
  • 50% setup fee discount for one property
  • Free OTSO Applications


(Paid annually)

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Portfolio Plan

Ready to impress? So are we. Get preferred pricing for onboarding your portfolio annually.

  • 5+ Properties
  • Immediate report for all properties
  • 21-500+ Tenants Monitored
  • Rent Analyzer and Tenant Scoring
  • Annual Plan
  • Waived setup fees
  • White glove onboarding by our team
  • 50% Discount on setup fees
  • Free OTSO Onboarding (exclusive cash-based underwriting for prospective tenants)
  • Free OTSO Applications for Life (Get 300%+ more protection against leasing risks)


(Paid annually)


Need Details?

Access our presentation to view the deep-dive on how Otso Guardian really works and supports CRE owners, asset managers, lenders and investors.