First Slide Get Your Deal Done Otso Guarantees close the gap and allow businesses and landlords to sign leases, faster. Second Slide Get Approved in Minutes Same-day decisions in most cases Third Slide Always an Option Every Otso Guarantee is custom and 100% your clients choice. >

We Help Brokers Succeed.

Partnering with Otso drives better leasing experiences for Tenants and Landlords which results in better outcomes for leasing professionals. Whether you are focused on representing users or properties, adding Otso to your “toolbox” drives increased leasing volumes with reduced risks for both parties in a lease.

Learn how to leverage Otso for your clients today…and get compensated with an industry-first recurring revenue model.

Industry-First Profit Sharing

Earn $10,000+ Annually

Any Commercial Firm Can Leverage Otso

Learn How Otso Helps Brokers and Their Clients Prosper


Financial Transparency

Otso provides critical insights into a businesses financial credibility. Tenants get credit based upon what they actually deserve. Our Landlord partners get actionable data in minutes to accelerate their leasing process with a higher standard of financial background.


AA- Rated Guarantees

Approved Tenants get a 100% guarantee that is “same as cash” written to the Landlord by Otso that’s backed by 135 years of history and over $2.5B. Landlords get to lower risk, reduce complexity and move forward with leasing their assets with more rent and confidence.


3X Coverage

Landlords end up with increased coverage against default with Otso…that’s right our Guarantees not only free up valuable capital for businesses they protect property owners in an enhanced fashion.


Consistent Bonus Income

How would you like to begin every year with a bonus? Bringing Otso to your clients not only drives better outcomes for them, it results in strong, recurring revenue-share for eligible brokers.

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