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Verify your planned acquisitions income stream with the first comprehensive solution to analyze and predict tenant financial health and default risk.

Estoppels 2.0: Accurate. Timely. Massively Effective.

Financial Certainty

Whether the Tenant is an SMB, Foreign entity or a Fortune 500 we have the intelligence to ensure your purchase is viable.

15,000 Data Points

Insights for entity status, liens, litigation, UCC, credit scoring, financials and more…

Actionable Value

With Otso Verification you can negotiate asset values with true understanding of the rent roll and financial viability of the asset..

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Essential Due-Diligence

You get an appraisal, title report, survey and environment on every acquisition...but you’re not verifying the income stream on which your returns are projected? Verifying the viability of the tenancy and their likelihood to remain current is essential.



Ask any appraiser, rate is a primary factor in projecting income and valuing a commercial asset. What if your rental stream is 10% at risk….or 30%? This can have a massive effect on the value of the asset and your proposed purchase price..


The Status Quo is Too Late

Post-close you are out of options if you discover a tenant (or tenants) are actually on the verge of collapse. How will your lenders and investors react to negative events?


Too Fast to Ignore

Otso verifies a rent roll in a period of days, moving far faster than appraisals, surveys or environmental. We’d argue Otso Verify is the first due-diligence item to complete. After all, if the income stream is at risk…should you even close?


Post-Close? We’ve Got You Covered

After verification and successful closing we can continually monitor risk on every tenant in your asset. Over time, we’ll even show you how to gain protection against negative events and grow the buildings value using our industry-first multi-year bonds.

Hear it From Real Owners and Lenders

“Otso’s predictive insights and ongoing monitoring are now the standard for every asset we acquire and manage.”

- Hiram Capital

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