We make securitization in leases better.

Putting up cash as collateral in a lease has been the status quo for what seems like forever…but it doesn’t work for anyone. We provide Tenants with important capital flexibility at the start of a lease and Landlords with a way to unlock previously “dead” capital tied up in leases.


A Full Picture

Otso provides critical insights into a businesses financial credibility before any formal offers are made. Tenants get credit based upon what they actually deserve instead of having to put extensive cash collateral because their entity doesn’t have 10+ years of history. Our Landlord partners get actionable data in minutes to accelerate their leasing process with a higher standard of financial background.



Approved Tenants get a 100% guarantee that is “same as cash” written to the Landlord by Otso that’s backed by 135 years of history and over $2.5B. Landlords get to lower risk, reduce complexity and move forward with leasing their assets with more rent and confidence.


Digital and Secure

Everything with Otso is new. We generate customized guarantees and store everything for you in our secure servers. Access your documents anywhere, anytime.


Rock Solid

In the event of a lease default, Otso pays verified claims within thirty (30) days to our Landlord partners. No collections, no legal action required.

Otso Guarantees
Accelerate the Lease Process
Unlocking Billions
There is over $100B locked in security deposits right now.
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